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We confide in our strength without boasting of it. We respect that of others without fearing it. Thomas Jefferson - 1793

Knights Paladin M/C is a Law Enforcement/Military Veterans oriented Motorcycle Club.

It is an organization of men and women who have answered the call and who have dedicated their lives to being of service to others.

This is not a men’s party club, where the women are relegated to wearing a cheesy support patch. We are secure enough in our identity for our women to have an equal voice and to share in our mission.

This is unique in the MC world and thus makes us unique.


The name Knights Paladin M/C was adopted for historical reasons. The earliest contenders for the title of Knight were the Paladins of Charlemagne's Court who held the Latin title "Eques". These 8th Century warriors were bound by kinship and honor and a common desire to assist those in need.

The Knights of that time rode the horse and chariot and were armed with the sword, shield and lance. Our steeds today are the patrol car, ship, tank, and plane. Our shields are the badge, heavy armor, and the kevlar vest. Our lance is now the pistol, artillery piece and the missile launch button. The tools we use have changed, yet we are still bound by kinship and honor and a desire to help those in need.

Our Beginnings
In 2003, the Founder and four fellow Patch Holders of a Motorcycle Club parted company with that Club and left to forge a new path.

A number of other existing Clubs were investigated, but various obstacles were encountered, including brand or gender restrictions, or conflicts in philosophy. The Founder believed strongly that none of the four who followed should be left behind - so it was decided to begin anew.

After much research, the Club Colors & Name were selected & trademarked and by-laws were written. In October of 2003, Knights Paladin M/C officially came into being as a non-profit / non-territorial Law Enforcement & Military Veterans Motorcycle Club.

The Club roster was initially comprised of the original five - plus five other Brothers and Sisters who supported our Mission and Purpose.

Following that time, members have come and gone. Challenges have been faced and Knights Paladin M/C has endured and prospered.

Membership is open to active, former, or retired Commissioned Law Enforcement Officers and Reserves (with powers of arrest) in good standing with their respective federal, state, county or municipal agencies.

Also qualified for membership are Active Duty, Retired or former Military Veterans or Military Reserves who served honorably.

All members must have a current drivers license with proper endorsement & insurance, and own a motorcycle capable of sustained highway speeds. The brand is not important, the fact that you ride is. You should however already be a competent and safe rider - whether riding solo or in a pack.

There will be an evaluatory period imposed on potential members in order to allow time for the individual, as well as the Club, to determine mutual compatibility. You spend time with us, you ride with us. It's about attitude and commitment. We will let you know when you have made the grade.

Felony convictions or criminal history issues, whether civilian or military related, will disqualify.

Membership is also open to family members and select qualified civilians who support the goals of Law Enforcement and Veterans.

Again, felony convictions or criminal history issues, whether civilian or military related, will disqualify.

The Badge
It weighs only two ounces overall. Large ones may run to four ounces. However when the badge is pinned on, there is a weight accepted and borne that is unknown to most.

It is a weight unique to the law enforcement profession. The true weight of the badge requires strength and conditioning not found in a gym or on the track. The badge is not simply pinned on a chest, it is pinned on a lifestyle.

The Uniform
It comes in a variety of colors and styles. Some stand out boldly while others are designed to blend in with the earth.

Ribbons and medals sometimes adorn it and these represent things achieved or milestones met. Perhaps the most revered is blue with the field of stars known as the Medal Of Honor. But the one most respected is an award of honor that one hopes they won't receive. It is a field of purple edged in white - known as the Purple Heart.

The uniform signifies a commitment. A promise made. An oath kept. It is worn with pride and honor and those who have worn the uniform understand this, whether on a lonely beat, a Carrier's deck, or on the battlefield.


Ride Hard - Ride Safe
Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you on our next run.



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