Our Colors
The Club Colors were inspired by a deep respect for history and those who have forged it.

The words: Knights Paladin
Like their medieval ancestors, modern day Knights take an oath to Protect and Serve. They are trained in the use of force as well as the use of weapons of destruction, be it the duty pistol or the missile launch button.

They are also essentially Paladins or 'Hired Guns' who serve on a local, county, state, or federal level. As depicted in the western series Have Gun Will Travel, Paladin was a man of morals and conscience who lived by a strong sense of ethics and a code of honor.

Our Colors: Purple, Silver and Black
PURPLE combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, mystery, and magic. It symbolizes power and nobility and represents the authority and rank bestowed upon those who serve.

SILVER speaks of one who is distinguished and learned. It symbolizes good and fair judgment and shows the path of the spirit. Silver represents the lead and steel which are used to protect....or to destroy.

BLACK is associated with power and formality. It is considered elegant and prestigious and gives the feeling of perspective and depth. It is also the symbol of grief for those lost.

The Letters: L and E
The letters "L" and "E" on the Knight’s shield have a meaning drawn from Latin texts and stand for Freedom’s Sword.

L = latin Libertas, (li-bûr'tus) [freedom, liberty, independence, freedom of speech, frankness, candor].

E = latin Ensis, (en-sis) [sword].

Our Colors
These colors and symbols form the Knights Paladin M/C three piece patch.

Our Colors are not simply worn on special occasions. When we ride, our Colors ride with us. They are symbolic of Honor, Integrity, Pride, Dedication, Character, and above all, Commitment.

The Colors evoke thought and emotion and speak of a timeless strength.

And we wear them with pride.

Ride Hard - Ride Safe

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