Those interested in joining are invited to attend our next meeting.
If our (and your) first impression is favorable, a membership application is provided.

Prospective Full and Associate Members must pass a background inquiry to confirm employment and/or retirement status, as well as suitability. There will be an evaluatory period imposed on prospective Full Members and Associate Members in order to allow time for the individual, as well as the Club, to determine mutual compatibility.

This period is flexible and can vary according to the time and energy a potential member is willing and/or able to put forth. With all due respect for the manufacturer (brand) clubs, we are not a manufacturer club. You don’t simply purchase a motorcycle, pay your money, and walk out with a patch.

Membership and the right to wear the Colors must be earned.

We'll let you know when you have made the grade.

Those interested in joining must provide:

· Proof of Law Enforcement and/or Military service by presenting their agency/military identification/credentials.

· DD-214 if retired or former military.

· Abstract of driving record to verify current status and endorsement.

· Proof of liability insurance.

Spouses and significant others of those with the above qualifications are also welcome to apply.

All members must have a current drivers license with proper endorsement & insurance, and own a motorcycle capable of sustained highway speeds. The brand is not important, the fact that you ride is.

Felony convictions or criminal history issues will disqualify.

Membership is also open to select qualified civilians who support the goals of Law Enforcement and Veterans. Again, felony convictions or criminal history issues will disqualify.

If you have any questions please send them to the below listed e-mail. Make your own website