. Minimum of five qualified members to serve as the Core Group

. Submission of membership applications to the Founder

. Personal meeting with the Founder (this can be waived if distance is an issue)

. Successful completion of evaluatory period

For additional information, write to the below listed address.

UPDATE (May 2011)
We have received a number of inquiries about opening new Chapters (the most recent from the State of Arizona) or patching over other Clubs – all of which have resulted in significant expenditures of this Club’s time and effort.

We don’t have time for ‘looky loos’ or shoppers. If you are truly serious about affiliating with us - and you have done your homework, then by all means let’s begin a discourse.

If not, keep looking as we don’t have the time to waste on those who are either not serious, or who don’t have a clue as to what they want or what they are looking for.

We are not a biker lifestyle school. You should already have a working knowledge of the world you wish to enter.

With all due respect, you had better be ready to Walk the Walk or don’t bother us.

Knights Paladin M/C

Note: The following is a source that gives the prospective Member a good idea as to how the M/C world thinks and operates from the 1%er (outlaw) side of the coin. And, more importantly, how they would like YOU to think and operate.

This is NOT an endorsement, just food for the brain. Type the below title in Google search.

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