We are an organization of men and women who have answered the call and have dedicated our lives to being of service to our community and to our nation.

We are a mix of Law Enforcement and Military Veterans. Some of us have served on both fronts and others among us support what we do and what we are about.

Cops and Vets do similar jobs. Cops ensure the safety of their respective communities and Vets do the same on a larger scale.

Cops and Vets are already used to standing for what they believe in. They have already experienced what it is like to endure the sting of censure, insults, and hatred. Not because of who they are personally, but because of what they represent and what they believe in.

Their families and close friends have experienced this as well. Simply by their association. But they have become stronger and more resolute because of it.

There is however a price to pay for Service With Pride. It relates to the Sworn Oath to put others before ones self. It is not taken lightly. We see evidence of this every day in the news.

These things bind us together, ready to support those in need as well as one another.

· To promote and advance the sport and safety of motorcycling.

· To develop a fraternal spirit between law enforcement personnel, veterans, and the public.

. To honor those and their families who have given the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedoms.

· To ride, feel the wind, and above all, have fun!

Each year the club plans to host a Fallen Officers and a Military Veterans Run, with all proceeds going to the respective Fallen Officers or Military Veterans Memorial(s). Additional runs and events will be discussed on an individual basis.

- Those who disrespect others, especially their friends and family.

- Those with personalities or attitudes which conflict with our mission and goals.

- Those who lack the ability to interact positively with others.

- Those who say and do anything to curry favor from whomever they are with at the moment.

- Those who lack (for want of a better term) couth.

- If your idea of wearing "colors" is to show off and intimidate others.

- If you believe our nation’s laws do not apply to you and are made to be broken.

If you represent any of the above, there are clubs of this caliber already out there. We are not one of them. Good luck in your search.

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