I was sitting here thinking over recent and past events involving our Club's beginnings and the challenges we have faced - and will continue to face. Challenges issued by those few of the motorcycle world who have grown used to dictating to the majority.

Sometimes I pull up the Knights web site and go to the Memory page and just reflect on things.

Look hard at the photo on your right. I mean really look at it....

THAT says it all and also answers any doubts I may have had about why I choose to wear my Colors. Look at the graves of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for OUR freedom. Do you ever take the time to wonder who lies there? Do you ever wonder what he or she thought about? Do you suppose they felt fear during times of war? Do you think they had families and loved ones? What compelled them to fight, knowing they could lose their lives in an instant? Was it because they were American? Was it because they had to?

Or, just maybe, the fight they fought so hard for was called "Freedom". Something they believed in. Take a hard look at that last picture........

We are always vulnerable to attacks on our beloved freedoms. At what point do you decide that enough is enough? Must buildings tumble......? Must thousands die....? Do you wait for an attack on your city......? Should we give up our freedoms one at a time.....? Where do YOU draw the line?

I have made my decision. I will never give up my right to DO what I want - RIDE where I want - and WEAR what I want in whatever color I choose.

Does fear come with my decision? Yes. But I fear more what I would feel inside...were I to hand over my freedoms to another...

You're not finished when you're defeated.......
You're finished when you quit!

Take a hard look at those pictures. They speak volumes... My decision stands.

Ride Hard - Ride Safe...RIDE FREE!


Charter Member/Co-Founder
Knights Paladin M/C

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